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Be Wherever Your Clients Are

E-commerce allows you to be wherever your clients are; regardless of where you are. An online commercial enterprise will put you within reach of a new base of supporters, customers, and opportunities for your nonprofit or philanthropic driven organization.

E-commerce can help reduce your carbon footprint and ensure we set our planet up for global economic growth. Further; The trend towards Online shopping in Canada has been accelerated by public health restrictions so now is the time to be online.

Why Have E-Commerce

Having an online commercial enterprise allows your company to offer products to customers at all times of the day and anywhere with the internet. As your business grows considering how to serve a larger client base in the same sized facility can be challenging. Going digital with products can provide the room your business needs to grow.

Having part of your business online can increase your customer base without daunting over-head costs. Those savings can be passed to the customers making your prices unbeatable.

With more and more businesses offering products online, e-commerce has become less of an option and more of a necessity for your business to survive. Setting up an e-commerce platform that is unique like your business, but easy to navigate, will set your business up for the future.

Why You Should Use Civiconnect

It can be daunting to migrate your sales from purely physical to a hybrid or purely online approach. Civiconnect has experience with establishing online sales platforms, and we are in the midst of doing so for our partners at Village of Hope.

With Village of Hope, we are developing an inventory system from the ground up: so no matter where you’re at in the transition to e-commerce; we can help!

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