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The Right People Matter

Culture is crucial to the success and health of any private or public organization. The most sure way to foster a healthy, respectful, diverse, and productive culture is to develop a recruitment and hiring strategy the reflects your organizations goals.

Developing a recruitment and hiring strategy that meets and exceeds the expectations of prospective employees can help at attracting the best of the best. If you get the right people, you will do the right things.

A Strategy To Follow

Often times recruitment is not thought of as very important, you cast out a new by posting on a job bank and choose the best from that. But a recruitment strategy goes beyond that to ensure that you are not settling with your pool of options.

Having a recruitment strategy is the first step in finding the right person to fill the gap. By using effective channels to connect with potential applicants, a stronger pool of applicants is produced.

A strategy that understands the positions you are trying to fill, allows your business to change theĀ mechanisms used to evaluate the qualifications and traits of candidates.

Why You Should Use Civiconnect

Civiconnect has direct experience as both employees and as employers. We understand what young people are looking for in their employers, and we understand what sort of employee your business needs to ensure continued growth.

For example; we are orchestrating a series of locally oriented but digitally based job fairs because we understand the importance of our local Niagara economy.

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