We’re here to help make your next employment connection!

We’re here to help make your next employment connection!

July 13, 2020

Opportunity Niagara is hosting a series of virtual job fairs specifically for businesses in the Niagara region that are looking to hire young, motivated, and employable young people in the region. Our dates for the job fairs are August 5th, August 12th.

A virtual job fair is the most sensible way for employers and job seekers to connect in the post COVID-19 economic reopening. We need to push forward into economic prosperity; but we all agree we need to do so safely! By connecting online with hundreds of applicants, our local business community can be assured they are safely conducting themselves as they seek to re-engage with Canada’s broader economy. 

Outside of our job fairs, our platform, hosted through Workbay; the Opportunity Niagara platform is the ideal place to make your next employment connection in the Niagara Region. From the employer side, our platform allows your brand to promote itself to local job seekers, post jobs that need to be filled at your organization, view any applicants and their submissions to your posts, and directly message applicants that catch your eye or need further clarifications. The ability to require applicants complete courses hosted on our platform is easily implemented thanks to our micro-badging feature: which ensures that you’re getting serious applicants!

For those of you seeking a job, our platform is first and foremost a great place to connect with local employers. The platform is designed to cater to your immediate job search with the job board function, yet is also an invaluable tool for future career planning in the local employment environment. Even further than, the Opportunity Niagara platform allows you to explore future careers including detailed information and useful resources for planning your career. By completing courses hosted on our platform you can earn profile badges that will display prominently on your profile for employers to see you have completed. Our in-house Resume Builder will automatically add information about your completed courses to your completed resume however it also takes your work experience and helps you build a cohesive Resume from the ground up. All in all, you use our platform to upskill yourself and we provide the tools to find your next job and prove to your future employer that you know your stuff!

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