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Generating attention is crucial to any fundraising campaign. Let us help you deploy a creative, innovative, and dynamic fundraising campaign for causes we can all get behind

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we fielded a fundraising effort in partnership with BISEP Inc to manufacture PPE and help protect frontline workers.

Helping The Community

In difficult times people tend to come together, your business can be the glue that connects them with a fundraiser. In some cases, you may not know how to run and advertise a fundraiser to maximize its social impact. 

With the right tools, your business can be the name that connects the community. That expose can reach new potential clients and allow you to work will volunteers that may be potential employees.

Fundraising can be done in many ways and if you hope to make a difference with limited time and money, perhaps an online fundraiser is the best option.

Why You Should Use Civiconnect

Fundraising is crucial to the health and stability of charitable organizations. In 2020 grassroots fundraising campaigns can change the future of a campaign overnight. 

Let us help you develop a dynamic approach to fundraising that will meet and exceed your goals. Civiconnect can ensure your project get’s the financial backing it needs to make things happen.

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